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I have a passion for gardening and love sharing what I have learned over the past 8 years. My gardening channel, Southern Dirt Gardener focuses on sharing my personal journey in growing our garden, farm and food forest to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. I have a passion for growing organic food and living off the land. I share monthly garden tours, recipes, gardening tips and what to plant month to month. Please like, share and subscribe if you would like to watch my garden grow through each season. Hopefully you will learn something along the way! 
I hope my journey will inspire you to get outdoors and enjoy some Southern Dirt and Sunshine

You Can Do It!

My goal is to help guide you to a healthy sustainable lifestyle. 8 years ago I knew nothing about growing a garden or raising animals.  Today we depend on it! It feels so good to know we have food security and a healthy one at that!  I love sharing what I have learned in hopes that you don't make the same mistakes as I did. Learn form my mistakes and grow with me! 
Summer Sodrel

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